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When every breath brings a memory,
I begin to dread to breathe.
And in pure haste, I silence my lungs,
Or at least I try.
And every thoughts brings about your face,
The look I have seen a thousand times.
(Even in my reasoning, I cannot deny you.)
I ordain myself to stop.
Or at least in contempt, I attempt.
And damn the night.!
I loathe its darkness.
But more the suffocating dreams...
Because of you I am unable to endure any sleep,
Nor the thoughts that pre-exist.
No; to hell with reminisces of you.
No longer will I let myself commemorate history.
Lovely once? But lovely in perpetuum!
Our once evermore infinitiveness,
Oh, it has turned into almost happenstances.
Tell me what you think:)
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November 8, 2012
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